Sixteen plant officials participated in the training programme on raising the level of their skills in organizing the quality management system at the plant.



In August 2006 Artillery Plant No.9 participated in the International Defence Exhibition of Land Forces IDELF-2006 in Moscow.


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Status and Prospect

Nowadays Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Plant No.9" is an enterprise with broad experience in production of artillery arms and great scientific, design and production potential. Our plant can solve any problem in the service life of guns for tanks and SP artillery units, towed guns, and depth-charge rocket launchers for the Navy, i.e. their development, manufacture, maintenance, repair, and upgrade.

The plant main strategic aim is to keep stable financial performance and economic position due to the production of the competitive products, which meet the customer requirements and exceed their expectations.

Characteristic features of the products manufactured by the plant are high reliability and high quality: during last five years there were no failures in operation.

And today our plant continues following the consistent policy of the production quality, which main principles are as follows:

  • we aim at meeting the customer requirements to the best advantage and exceeding their expectations;
  • we anticipate the problem not eliminate the consequences;
  • we develop and maintain mutually beneficial relations with suppliers of the quality product delivered in time;
  • our employees bear private responsibility for their labour quality, and this is the basis of getting the positive final result in the plant activity.

Besides, we pay special attention to raising the level of our personnel skills: the plant officials have recently participated in the training on introducing the quality management system that corresponds to GOST R ISO 9001-2001, and the plant employees are encouraged to get basic professional or further education, to raise the level of their skills, etc. It is also very important that young and initiative specialists are employed, and their older colleagues can share their knowledge and experience.

Artillery Plant N.9 continues carrying out a number of R&D projects in the interests of the Russian Ministry of Defence, in particular, samples of new tank guns for tanks under development have passed a large scope of tests. It is the reached level of energy characteristics that lets achieving their great superiority over their Russian and foreign counterparts. There are some technical proposals developed to upgrade the 152 mm 2A33 howitzer, which is the main armament of SP artillery unit 2S3M Akatziya, that let increase its capabilities and efficiency.

Design Office No.9 was and still is the main design office in Russia developing tank guns, and Plant No.9 is its main manufacturer. Since 1942 guns of the best tanks of World War II were developed there. All Russian tanks that were in mass production after World War II were armed with guns developed by Design Office No.9. The same office developed a number of towed guns and guns for SP artillery units, first Russian auxiliary-propelled guns, and new generation pieces of artillery, i.e. 125 mm towed antitank gun 2A45M with APU and 152 mm light field howitzer 2A61. Apart from classical pieces of tube artillery the plant manufactures depth-charge rocket launchers RBU-6000 and RBU-1000 for different class battleships, from patrol ships to aircraft carriers, in order to struggle submarines and attack torpedoes. In 2005 several guns entered service and were put into production, they are 125 mm tank gun 2A46M-4 for tanks of the T-80 series and 125 mm tank gun 2A46M-5 for tanks of the T-90 series as well as 125 mm gun 2A75 for light amphibious parachuted SP antitank gun 2S25 for airborne troops.

To meet needs of foreign customers in damage control of previously supplied equipment manufactured by the plant Artillery Plant No. 9 delivers the SPTA sets, non-standardized equipment sets, and tools for repairing articles on-site, and so that customer specialists can get practical skills in learning the articles the plant offers to equip technical classes.

Artillery Plant No.9 manufactures civil products like trolleybus driving axles, reduction gears, different types of hydraulic cylinders, and by separate orders - cultivators for tilth and equipment for oil and gas production. Today the work is underway on different types of civil products and the plant is sure to make the range of these products wider and to increase their output.

Artillery Plant No.9 calculates on increasing the state defence order and production of the pieces of artillery for export. There are new technologies that make it possible to manufacture new generation tank guns and other artillery systems.