125 mm

Improved Variants of the 125-mm Tank Gun

Gun 2A46M for Tanks T-72, T-90
Gun 2A46M-1 for Tank T-80U

  • In comparison with gun 2A46 of tank T-72 range of actual fire against armoured targets on the run is increased half as much
  • Use of guided missile 9M119M "Reflex" is provided Visual check of the liquid quantity in the recuperator and recoil brakes is provided 
  • Design of the barrel tube and breechring joint lets replace the tube without dismounting the tank turret
  • То increase accuracy of fire there is a device for automatic allowance of the barrel bend data in the FCS
  • The barrel bore can be chromium-plated at customer request

    New Variants of the 125-mm Tank Gun

    2A46M-4 (for tanks of the T-80 series)
    2A46M-5 (for tanks of the T-90 series)

    • Overhang rigidity and cannon dynamic balance are increased
    • Holding of the cannon on the cradle guides and of the trunnions in the tank turret is improved
    • Tolerances of the barrel geometry are made closer

      Guns were put into service in 2005

      • In comparison with guns 2A46M and 2A46M-1 put into service in 1980
      • Pattern of shooting is improved by 15 -20%
      • Total dispersion when firing on the run is decreased 1.7 times more



      the 125-mm gun for light amphibious parachuted SP antitank gun 2S25



      standard for tanks T-80 and T-90 including the guided projectiles

      Barrel Length, mm

      6 000

      Elevation, deg
       - forward
       - rear

      from-5 to+15
      from-3 to+17

      Traverse, deg


      Rate of Fire, rpm


      Weight, kg

      2 350